On the top left side click create proposalYou can create proposal to lead or to customer.Choose related to lead or customer.Choose which lead/customer is related. On the right side the found information’s will be auto filled. you can adjust according to your needs.Status – by default the draft status will be manual selected.Note that proposals with draft status are not visible to customers.Discount type - you can select Discount type before tax or after-tax from the proposalsProposals date... Read More
To convert proposal to invoice or estimate select the proposal from the table and on the right side a convert button will be shownClick on the button and choose Estimate or Invoice. After you choose a popup will be shown with the preview info also with the parsed items which are auto inserted to the estimate/invoice.when you are satisfied from the result click on  save.
We assume that you already have created the proposal. click on the mail icon from the right side and popup with with the preview email template will be shown.You can include the proposal link inside the email template and let your customer view it without login. This is also useful for leads.After you send the proposal a lead/customer can open it an make action ex/ accept, decline, make comments. The creator of the proposal and the assigned sale agent will get notification in the CRM and email... Read More
You can send expiration reminders to the lead/customer that this proposal is assigned, email will be sent to the proposal email added while you created/edited the proposal.
Invoices is quote an important part in one company management. consysa allows you to keep in track your invoices, items and generate reports. Add new currencies, using multiple currencies is allowed. Invoice with different tax based on item. Create recurring invoices who will be regenerated automatically based on your setup for recurring invoice
To create new invoice go to Fin-BANK -> Invoices and click on the button Create new invoiceSelect the clientSelect the projectsSelect Invoice date and Due dateSelect Discount typeClick on PermissionEnter your NotesEnter your Item name and Description and Qty,price,TaxrateClick on saveasdraftsNew invoice is created
Navigate to Fin-Bank -> Invoice -> RecurringinvoiceCreate new invoice from the main recurring invoice only if the main invoice is with status paid? If this field is set to No the recurring invoice is not with status paid the new invoice won’t be created Automatically send the renewed invoice to the client Send after the invoice is renewed send the invoice to the client. Also the PDF will be attached Create recurring invoice When you add/edit invoice you have an option... Read More
consysa have option to send this invoice to client which is related. Also the  invoice will be attached to the email. If you want to do not attach the invoice simple uncheck the checkbox After sending the invoice to the client if you want to send again the invoice there will be another email content. Becuase the initial invoice is already sent. Now the client maybe want the invoice again and in all cases this content will be different.Go to  Email Templates -> Invoice... Read More
 1.    Go to sales -> General Estimates and click Create Estimate 2.    Select client 3.    A drop-down with projects will be shown below the customers select field (if no projects associated with the selected customer the dropdown with projects wont be shown) 4.    Select the project 5.    Select the Estimate date and Due date 6.    Select status 7.   ... Read More
Consysa have option to send this estimate to client which is related.  Also the invoice estimate will be attached to the email.just click on Mail option  After sending the estimate to the client if you want to send again the estimate there will be another email content. Because the initial estimate is already sent. Now the client maybe want the estimate again and in all cases this content will be different. Go to settings-> Email Templates -> Estimate invoice... Read More
You can easely convert the estimate to invoice from the  dashboard  area.Click on  the genralstimate  and  click  allestimate and  select estimate you want to convert and  the right side click Convert to Invoice it will convert
To create new estimate go to Sales -> General Estimates -> Create Estimate or by clicking on the Build icon on the top left side and click Create Estimate Client – Before selecting a client you must have added clients  Project   select projects list Estimate date you can select the Estimate date Due date     select your due date Permission select your permission Status – By default the draft status will be selected, you can... Read More
Go to the General Estimates and click on the zipestimate you want to export data eq. invoicesSelect status or just leave it All and click Submit. All invoices based on your selected options will be added to .zip file. Go to the Fin-Bank and click on the payment received and zip payment