Email config & TemplatesThis Email template is designed to indicate that client can be contacted through Place this template anywhere on your user page using email templates
To set email templates navigate to settings -> email templates-clickchoosetemplate and change the content according to your needs.  Configuring from header in email When an email template will be sent to the content will be taken from email template, The same procedure is applied for staff members.
Email templates navigate to settings -> email Integration then it display popup menu fill the all details from the email integration like username, password, Mailbox click onEmail for lead, Imapsearch, searchkeyword, click on Email Tickets and Postmaster cronjob link, Notified userClick on save changes
  You will need to  SMTP  for your general email account that all emails from consysa will be sent.  SMTP navigate to  -> Settings -> Email settings->Given examples how to configure SMTP to send an email, keep in mind that the examples may be different then your actual server requirements, the best is to consult with your hosting provider to provide you the correct SMTP configuration.SMTP server over port EMAIL Encryption: None SMTP Host: enter server... Read More