TasksTasks (project management), an activity that needs to be accomplished within a defined period of time or by a deadline
Consysa with 5 predefined task status, not started, in progress, , waiting for someone, complete .deferred but you can inject new statuses with simple action look to fit for your needs. The taskstatus, not started, in progress, , waiting for someone, complete .deferred you should not modify task status in order everything work properly  Timer Status – you can select Timer status on your task Color – Color for this status in hex format. SwitchkToKanban – The order of... Read More
Task can be linked to any important features in consysa to keep track of your work and assign important actions to your agents. Go to PM click on Tasks and on the top right button click New Task On the Related to field select where this task will be linked. After you select the feature where the task will be linked on the right side a dropdown will be shown to select specific eq. project. Tasks can be related to many features in consysa
By the default all project related tasks are visible to all project members. If you want only to show the tasks where the staff member is assigned to Everyone as follower see all tasks related to projects To achieve this go to TASK->- Click on All Tasks and click on Edit Task and set Assigned to option select every one if see onliy particular staff select customize permission             
To invoice project tasks when creating invoice there is dropdown there is option Biiable you can select yes or no After you select a customer this dropdown will be auto-populated with all the tasks that are associated with this client  You can read more here how to invoice a project tasks: Invoicing Project Tasks
Task timesheets is all started timers for specific Task, timesheets are stored separately for each task started by the task assignees. To view all task timesheets while the task modal is open click on the All Task and select Task click on  Timesheets icon. Below this button a table will be shown with all task timesheets related to this task. You can insert manually timesheet for specific task just using the below table form area. To add new timesheets you will need to select Task... Read More
To add task assignees open the task by clicking on the task subject while the tasks are listed.On the right side of the task modal there will be dropdown to select assigned toYou can add unlimited number assignees to specific task and track their time logged.After you add member as assigned to task this member will get notification built-in that is assigned to this specific task.