LeadsLeads or potential clients are really important part to any company. Every company trying everyday to get new leads. Very often happened some potential client to call and ask for particular service that you company serve and then sometimes this is forgotten. With consysa you will never forget your potential clients and you will be able to manage all of them in one place.
Navigate to leads view from the main menu on the left side and click on the button new lead.You can also for quick approach add from the Quick Create menu by clicking on the top left caret and click New Lead, a modal will be open on whatever page you are inside If you mark the lead public will be visible to all staff members otherwise will be visible to the assigned staff member and admins.Leads can create all  staff members, staff members that are not admins will be able to... Read More
You will always need a way to know from where you got the lead.  Go to - Leads ->New lead>lead Sources and add new lead source depending on your needsyou can assign a source per lead and you will know from where your leads coming and from where you have the most leads converted to clients when generating report.The lead source is used to auto populate the source field when creating new lead source, each time you add new lead this source will be auto selected.
You can easily customise leads status.To add new lead status you will have to go to Leads -> New leads-> lead Status and click plus button. add new lead statusThe default lead status is used to auto populate the status field when creating new lead,each time you add new lead this status will be auto selected.There is one lead status which can be deleted which comes with installation.The lead status is mostly used for reports, for recognition that specific lead is converter to client
There is option in leads switchtokanban. options are. Leads in a specific status only with one click.To adjust the limit of the switchtokanban you can go to >Leads->switch to kanban click on the button
Open a lead and simply select the staff member you want to assign the lead after submitting the staff member will receive notification that you have assigned this lead.everyone can manage leads. but only administrators can view all the leads.Others staff that are not administrators can view leads that are assigned to him/her or if this staff member created this lead no matter to who is assigned.
Totrack lead activity open all lead modal and click on the activates all leads actions will be saved as activities for this lead.
Click on the lead and wait the module to be opened, on the top button click Convert to client.The convert to client  module will be shown and the system will try to auto populate some fields like company name, company email   If custom fields found for lead will be shown as well in the convert to clients module and you will have the ability to merge the custom fields in the client profile as custom fields or database fields.