SMTP Configuration


You will need to  SMTP  for your general email account that all emails from consysa will be sent.  SMTP navigate to  -> Settings -> Email settings->

Given examples how to configure SMTP to send an email, keep in mind that the examples may be different then your actual server requirements, the best is to consult with your hosting provider to provide you the correct SMTP configuration.

SMTP server over port 

EMAIL Encryption: None
SMTP Host: enter server address                                                                                                                                     SMTP Port : Your Port
SMTP Email: Your email
SMTP Password: Your password

SMTP servers that require SSL connection

EMAIL Encryption: SSL
SMTP Host: enter server address                                                                                                                      
SMTP Port : Your port
SMTP Email: Your email
SMTP Password: Your password

For Gmail use the following configuration:

Encryption: SSL
SMTP Host:
SMTP Email: 
SMTP Password: Your password